Orbit Cafe

Orbit Cafe has a great offering of foods, including all of the old kids favourites while not neglecting the parent pleasing items. Combine your kids tastes into a Lunchbox, too easy !! For the grown ups we have a great selection of Panini's, Focaccia's, soups, salads, risottos and all the usual culprits, Boscastle Gourmet pies & sausage rolls, hot chips, wedges and the always popular BLT, Schnitzel sandwich and salt & pepper calamari.

Orbit caters to the needs of all, offering a great range of allergen free foods. We stock a great range of gluten free and dairy free items. We even boast a gluten, nut, dairy AND egg free biscuit !! Your kids, or you for that matter, will always be able to find something to satisfy your hunger and there's no need to feel forgotten or left out !!

So come in and relax at Orbit, enjoy a cuppa and put your feet up while the kids do what kids do best, PLAY !